The Vermont Emergency Management - RACES program currently has over 200 RACES registered volunteer members who are FCC licensed amateur radio operators. These members provide Vermont with vitally important emergency communications services from the field to our main communications center in Waterbury, VT. In June 2007, John Borichevsky, N1TOX, has taken over the role of DEMHS RACES Program Coordinator in the State of Vermont. John will continue to be a liaison for RACES members in Vermont, attend club meetings throughout the state, and spread the word of RACES and the recent improvements to the program to current and new members.

Membership Requirements for RACES

Obtain an application to become a RACES volunteer for the State of Vermont from the Program Coordinator or any Vermont Emergency Management (DEMHS) RACES official.
Minimum age is eighteen (18) years of age. Amateurs under eighteen may enroll and participate in light and restricted duties if parental consent is provided.
A positive personal history and background check will be conducted by Vermont Emergency Management.
Volunteers who drive on duty (including traveling to and from an assignment) must possess a current, valid Vermont driver’s license and carry auto insurance for the vehicle driven.
Radio operators must possess a current Amateur Radio [HAM] License issued by the FCC and have a record free of FCC violations.

With the increase in membership, we have developed a database as part of our response procedures. All members are issued identification cards for security clearance to vital areas where communications are needed or at one of the many Emergency Operation Centers (EOC's) located around the state.

Download the RACES Brochure

If you are interested in learning more or joining the DEMHS RACES program please email Program Coordinator John Borichevsky, N1TOX or call 802-257-5526.

Contact Information

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(800) 347-0488
(802) 244-8721
(888) 545-7598 (TTY)

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