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**Please Note: you can set quiet hours for most alerts that are not urgent.  When you set up your alerts click on the ones you want and be sure to set "Quiet Hours" for things like Weather Watches and Weather Advisories.  If you don't, you will likely get periodic phone calls in the middle of the night for non-emergency notifications, for which you have signed up.**

VT-ALERT is used by the state and local responders to notify the public of emergency situations.  Those include, but are not limited to, evacuation information; chemical spills; shelter-in-place alerts; severe weather advisories; boil water advisories, and roadway interruptions.  Residents can tailor the alerts to specific locations, types of alerts and on which devices they will be notified.

Vermont Emergency Management has partnered with Everbridge to provide Vermonters with enhanced capabilities to prepare themselves for emergencies, including:

  • Users can download, and receive alerts via the Everbridge mobile app or continue to get them via SMS/TEXT, E-Mail, Mobile Phone, Work or Home Phone, and TTY/TDD Devices.
  • Users can prioritize notifications by specifying the order of communication type and method.
  • VT-ALERT also allows users to list up to five (5) additional locations in Vermont for which they want to receive alerts.  These locations may include, for example, towns where other family members live, or where children attend school.

Vermont Emergency Management launched VT-ALERT in 2013 as a means of reaching Vermonters directly with emergency information via their cell phones, email, or home phones.  The system allows users to choose which alerts they receive, how they receive them, and for which specific geographic area.


Are you a non-profit, city/town, or state government agency interested in sending alerts? 

If an alert needs to be sent now, please fill out the alert request form.  Please be aware that you must contact the VEM Watch Officer (1-800-347-0488) after submitting this form.

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