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Training & Exercise

Welcome to the Vermont Emergency Management Training and Exercise Site!  We understand the importance of developing leaders who inspire, coach, and foster innovation. We also understand the value of educating the entire community so that everyone has the chance to learn, grow and develop. Stop by this site often to see our new course offerings and to seek information for your communities exercises.

Accommodations will be made for people with disabilities or mobility issues so they may attend VEM trainings and exercises.  Please contact the VEM Training Administrator at (800) 347- 0488 at least five work days prior to commencement of class if you need an accommodation.  

Vermont Integrated Preparedness Plan

The Vermont Integrated Preparedness Plan documents the State's overall training and exercise priorities, and identifies the trainings and exercises that will help the State build and sustain Core Capabilities.

As this is a state plan, it identifies trainings and exercises that are being planned by multiple state and local agencies.  If you have any questions about the status of any of the plans, trainings or exercises listed within this plan, please contact:

  • General/Equipment/Organization: Engagement Section Chief, Emily Harris, 1-800-347-0488
  • Trainings: State Training Administrator, Hillarie Scott, 1-800-347-0488
  • Exercises: State Exercise Administrator, Julie Benedict, 1-800-347-0488
  • Planning: Planning Section Chief, Max Kennedy, 1-800-347-0488

Integrated Preparedness Plan Template

A training and exercise program should be based on a set of strategic, high-level priorities selected by an organization's elected and appointed officials.  These priorities guide the development of a Integrated Preparedness Plan.

Organizations can use this Integrated Preparedness Plan Template to document program priorities and schedule of events.  If organizations would like assistance with this template, please contact the Engagement Section Chief, 1-800-347-0488.