Local Emergency Management Plan

In 2018, municipalities may complete the Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) or the new Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP), which will be required in 2019.


In accordance with 20 V.S.A § 6 and the 2013 State Emergency Operations Plan, "each Vermont jurisdiction is expected to develop and maintain a Local Emergency Operations Plan". A current local emergency plan is also required for municipalities to receive federal preparedness funds and increased state reimbursement through the Emergency Relief and Assistance Fund (ERAF). Municipalities should review and update their emergency plans annually and readopt them between Town Meeting and May 1 every year. Municipalities report adoption of LEMPs through their Regional Planning Commission with the LEMP adoption form.

Local Emergency Management Plan Implementation Guidance

Local Emergency Management Plan Municipal Adoption Form (Docx)

Local Emergency Management Plan Municipal Adoption Form (Fillable PDF)

Municipalities may coordinate with VEM, though Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) or VEM Regional Coordinators (RCs), for assistance in developing and exercising their LEMPs.


LEMPs must contain certain required elements; municipalities may use either a short or long form:

LEMP Template Short Form (Word)

LEMP Template Long Form Blank (Word)

LEMP Template Long Form Full (with directions and sample text - Word)

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