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At the end of 2016 and in early 2017, the state of Vermont adopted an online Learning Management System (LMS) through Cornerstone. All DEMHS training is now scheduled through the LMS - once you have an account, you can log in to the system and browse for training, register for classes, and view your transcript.

- Vermont Learning Management System (LMS)
- Vermont DPS LMS User Guide 

All state employees have LMS accounts. If you are not a state employee and would like to register for an account to take training through DEMHS:

  1. Go to the public training calendar 
  2. Move your mouse over "Register for an Account" towards the top left and click on "Registration Page"
  3. If you are mainly associated with the Vermont Department of Public Safety (DPS), click on the link to Create an LMS Account through DPS 
  4. Wait until the next work day (an administrator will check to see if you already have an account and training records on the system, and either approve your request or contact you with your account information)
  5. Once your account is active, log in at https://vermont.csod.com to find and register for training and keep track of your transcript!

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