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Emergency Notifications

If there is an emergency public notification, you will be alerted by one or more of the following warning signals.

Emergency Alert System (EAS) Message - Tone and emergency message on TV and Radio.  Most TV and radio stations are EAS stations (see below)

Vermont Alert - Emergency messages to your smart phone, e-mail, or home phone.  To sign up for an account visit

Tone Alert Radio - Tone followed by message

TTYs - Telecommunication devices for the deaf to assist the deaf and hard of hearing to include teletypewriter) if you have registered with your town's emergency management office to be notified over TTY in case of an emergency.

Vermont EAS Stations

WTSA, Brattleboro - 96.7 FM
WTSA, Brattleboro - 1450 AM
WKVT, Brattleboro - 92.7 FM
WKVT, Brattleboro - 1490 AM
WVPR, Brattleboro - 94.5 FM
WVPR, Windsor - 89.5 FM
WRSY, Marlboro - 101.5 FM
WTHK, West Dover - 100.7 FM

If you hear any of these signals, tune to an Emergency Alert System radio station in your state immediately. Check with your neighbors, especially the elderly or those who have difficulty hearing or seeing, to make sure they have received the warning signal and know what to do.