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2023 Emergency Alert System Monthly Required Monthly Test (RMT) Schedule

Statewide tests scheduled in collaboration between Vermont Emergency Management and the Vermont Association of Broadcasters.

**All times Eastern Standard Time (EST)**

January 23
Time: 10:10 AM
Day of Week: Monday
Originator: VEM, DPS, VT

February 22
Time: 12:06 AM
Day of Week: Wednesday
Originator: VEM, DPS, VT

March 14
Time: 11:07 AM
Day of Week: Tuesday
Originator: VEM, DPS, VT


RACES members provide Vermont with vitally important emergency communications services from the field to our main communications center in Waterbury, VT. In January 2019, Cathy James, NQ1B, was appointed RACES Program Coordinator for the State of Vermont. Cathy will lead RACES activities and training in Vermont, and act as liaison with agencies that would like to include RACES as part of their emergency communication capabilities.


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Healthcare Network W1VDH

In 2007, Vermont Emergency Management and the Vermont Department of Health launched a joint initiative and established the RACES Healthcare Communications Network (HCN).  This program has established 30 HF / VHF / UHF fixed voice and digital stations at every Vermont hospital and Health Department location in the state.  The digital communications component of this system utilizes Pactor III SCS modems and the Winlink email system which interfaces with Radio Message Servers (RMS) around the country.  This capability allows for HF based data transmissions (email) to the Internet or directly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VEM RACES program?

The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service was established by a US Congressional Act in 1952 to provide emergency communications in times of disaster.  The RACES program provides governmental emergency communications in support of disaster response and is coordinated through Vermont Emergency Management.

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