Planning and 5% Initiative Projects

General Information

HMGP Planning applications are for projects that result in a FEMA-approved Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP), or a revision to a section of a currently approved LHMP. 

HMGP 5% Initiative applications are for projects that are consistent with local and state mitigation plans, where there is a reasonable expectation that future damage or loss of life and property will be reduced or prevented by the activity, and for which it may be difficult to conduct a standard FEMA Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) to prove cost-effectiveness.

For useful guidance on eligible HMGP Planning & 5% Initiative projects please refer to

Application Requirements

Below are the required forms for this type of HMGP application – all must be completed for your HMGP application to be considered complete. Some forms must be completed by the applicant, and some must be completed by the property owner.

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