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Project Scoping Grants

Scoping Available Following the July 2023 Flood 

  • Funding is available following the July 2023 flooding event under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) for municipalities to scope potential future projects to reduce risk. 
  • Projects scoped using HMGP funding are required to submit an application to implement a project under the same funding round, with an anticipated deadline of late 2024. 
  • Scoping can be for a specific project or problem, like a dam removal or upsizing a bridge, or it can be utilized to assess a broader area within a community to develop potential alternatives to reduce future flood risk (such as floodplain restoration, upsizing infrastructure, etc.). 
  • Project scoping work generally produces a hydraulic assessment and development of potential alternatives, selection of a preferred alternative, and development of designs, budget, and scope for the preferred alternative. Additionally, applications can include the development of a Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA), which is required to apply for FEMA implementation funding.
  • Municipalities are responsible for a required 25% non-federal match. Local ARPA funding can be used as match in most cases. 

HMGP Application and Resources

General Information

Project Scoping grants (sometimes referred to as Advanced Assistance) can assist municipalities that are unsure of how best to address their flood risk or need other forms of technical support. Project Scoping grants can be used to hire an engineer or other technical expertise to study flood risk areas and identify potential projects to mitigate identified flood risk. Communities can then seek funding for the projects identified by the Project Scoping work. 

Examples of how Project Scoping grants can be utilized include engineering and design support for potential elevation projects, identifying opportunities for floodplain restoration, and collecting data for Benefit-Cost Analyses. Project Scoping grants typically require a 25% match.  

For more information see the 2023 HMA Guidance under Capability and Capacity Building: B. Project Scoping/ Advanced Assistance (Link)

Application Requirements

Project Scoping funding is typically available under HMGP and BRIC. Project Scoping under HMGP is referred to as Advanced Assistance and projects identified through Advanced Assistance must be submitted under the same HMGP funding round. Therefore, municipalities considering Advanced Assistance following the July 2023 Flooding Events (DR-4720) should seek to submit applications by January 31, 2024. 

Project Scoping can also be done under the annual BRIC funding rounds. Projects identified through BRIC Scoping can be submitted under subsequent funding rounds and need not be submitted under the same initial funding round. 

Any questions about Project Scoping Grants or Advanced Assistance feel free to reach out