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EMD Certification

Under 20 V.S.A. § 6, each Vermont town and city must establish a local organization for emergency management that is in accordance with the state emergency management plan and program.  In an effort to provide local emergency management organizations with the basic knowledge to effectively manage local disasters, the state emergency management program has developed a Emergency Management Certification Program.  This program is designed for individuals that may work within the local emergency management organization and includes 70 hours of blended learning curriculum. 

EMD Certificaton Curriculum:


  • ICS 100 Introduction to Incident Command System (3 hours) 
  • ICS 200 Incident Command System for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (3 hours) 
  • IS-120a An Introduction to Exercises (5 hours)
  • IS-230d Fundamentals of Emergency Management (6 hours) 
  • IS-235b Emergency Planning (5 hours)
  • IS-240b Leadership and Influence (3 hours) 
  • IS-241b Decision Making and Problem Solving (2 hours)
  • IS-242b Effective Communication (8 hours) 
  • IS-244b Developing and Managing Volunteers (4 hours)


Practical Application

  • Participate (as an observer, planner, player or evaluator) in at least one Table Top Exercise (TTX) delivered at the state or local level (may run up to 6 hours) 
  • Participate (as an observer, planner, player or evaluator) in at least one Operations-based exercise delivered at the state or local level (may run up to 8 hours) 

Upon completion of the Practical Application portions, you must have the HSEEP trained Exercise Director send an email to noting the date of the exercise, exercise type, your role in the exercise, and what you learned during the exercise. 

For those looking to participate in a Practical Application exercise, VEM occasionally has exercises with opportunities to observe. If interested, please fill out the participation request and you will be contacted when there are availabilities: Practical Application Exercise participation request

Upon completion of all the curriculum, individuals will be:

  • Presented with a State of Vermont Emergency Management Director Certificate.
  • Highlighted as Certified Vermont Emergency Management Directors on the Vermont Emergency Management website and recognized at the annual Vermont Emergency Preparedness Conference.
  • Eligible to receive the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Professional Development Series Certification.

Trained, professional Emergency Managers are the cornerstone of effective local emergency management organizations. 

How to become a certified EMD:

To apply for your Emergency Management Director Certification, submit your EMD Certification Program Application following the included instructions. 


If you have any questions about the Emergency Management Director Certification Program, including questions about the previous certification levels, please reach out to the Vermont Emergency Management State Training Officer.

Vermont Certified EMDs as of 06/27/2022

  • Doug Babcock, St Michael's College
  • Chris Bell, Vermont Department of Health
  • Jeff Campbell, Town of Warren
  • Scott Carpenter, Vermont Department of Health
  • Richard Cogliano, Vermont Emergency Management
  • Jonathan DeLaBruere, Town of Duxbury
  • Michael DesRosiers, St. Michael's College
  • Lee Dorf, Vermont Emergency Management
  • Carol Fano, EMC – Town of Hyde Park
  • Eric Forand, Vermont Emergency Management
  • Alec Guzauckas, St Michael’s College
  • Emily Harris, Vermont Emergency Management
  • Erik Haversang, St. Michael's College
  • Glenn Herrin, Vermont Emergency Management
  • John Keating, Town of Milton
  • Ian Kilburn, Vermont Emergency Management
  • Laney Knapp, Vermont Department of Labor
  • Victoria Littlefield, Two Rivers Ottauquechee Regional Commission
  • Martin Maloney, South Burlington Police Department
  • Brittany Marquette, Vermont Emergency Management
  • Bob Morlino, Town of Pawlet
  • Alexander Northern, Norwich Fire Chief/EMD
  • Thomas Norton, St. Michael's College
  • Adam Ochs, Town of Lewisboro, NY
  • Scott Parizo, St Michael's College
  • Chance Payette, Vermont Emergency Management
  • Steven Ragno, St. Michael's College
  • Matthew Romei, Capital Police
  • Kaitlyn Root, St. Michael's College
  • Harry Schoppmann, Vermont Emergency Management
  • Jonathan Scott, Central Vermont Medical Center
  • Andrew Setchell, St Michael’s College
  • Jessica Stolz, DPS – Homeland Security Unit
  • Matthew Thompson, St Michael’s College
  • Elizabeth Vallatini, St. Michael's College
  • Christian Vogt, St. Michael's College
  • Maxwell Zwiener, St. Michael's College