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Infrastructure Projects

General Information: HMGP Infrastructure applications include projects for upsizing and improving culverts, road relocation, slope stabilization, building elevation and floodproofing, generators for critical facilities, and minor localized flood reduction projects.

Project Cost-Effectiveness (BCA)

These projects typically require a FEMA cost effectiveness analysis, which must utilize the FEMA Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) program, version 6.0 or later.

Application Requirements

Below are the required forms for this type of HMGP application – all must be completed for your HMGP application to be considered complete. Some forms must be completed by the applicant, and some must be completed by the property owner.

Please note that Infrastructure projects can be submitted as Phased Projects. Phased Projects are for applications that are not ready to proceed directly to construction. Phase 1 can fund data collection, engineering analysis, design, environmental/historic preservation, permitting, final cost-estimation, and BCA refinement. Phase 2 will be for construction and closeout. Click here to learn more. Please reach out to with any questions.