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Local Emergency Management Plan


In accordance with 20 V.S.A § 6 and State Emergency Management Plan, "All municipal jurisdictions are expected to review and update their Local Emergency Management Plan annually and to formally readopt them between Town Meeting Day—on the first Tuesday in March—and May 1st." A current Local Emergency Management Plan is also required for municipalities to receive federal preparedness funds and increased state reimbursement through the Emergency Relief and Assistance Fund (ERAF). Municipalities should review and update their emergency plans annually and readopt them between Town Meeting and May 1 every year.

Municipalities report adoption of LEMPs through their Regional Planning Commission with the LEMP adoption form or by submitting their LEMP through WebEOC. If a city or town is interested in submitting their Local Emergency Management Plan through WebEOC, an individual in town will need to request a WebEOC account and view the Local Emergency Management Plan Update in WebEOC training video.  The city or town’s current plan can be imported into WebEOC by requesting the assistance from your Vermont Emergency Management Regional Coordinator

Municipalities may coordinate with VEM, though Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) or VEM Regional Coordinators (RCs), for assistance in developing and exercising their LEMPs. Visit the EMD Partner Page for more information. 

Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP) Templates

At minimum, LEMPs must include two documents:

  1. A completed LEMP Adoption Form
  2. A base plan including the minimum requirements outlined on page 2 of the LEMP Adoption Form.

Municipalities may use one of the provided base plan templates below (Short Form or Long Form) or any other plan format so long as it includes the requirements outlined on page 2 of the Adoption Form. If your municipality is not using the Short or Long template, be sure to include page numbers for each requirement outlined in the Adoption Form. 

Adoption Form:

Local Emergency Management Plan Municipal Adoption Form (Word)

Local Emergency Management Plan Municipal Adoption Form (Fillable PDF)

Base Plan Templates:

LEMP Template Short Form (Word)

LEMP Template Long Form Blank (Word)

LEMP Template Long Form Full (with directions and sample text - Word)


For samples and examples of municipal plans and other resources for specific incidents, see the Local Emergency Management Plan Resources page. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Coordinator.


Not sure if you've submitted your LEMP?  Go to the flood ready website to find out. 


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