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Public Assistance

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2023 Vermont Flooding

The Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) division of the Department of Public Safety, administers FEMA's Public Assistance program (PA) as the "Recipient" for the State of Vermont. Eligible "Applicants" for the Program, like Vermont's local governments and certain types of private non-profits, are considered "Subrecipients" once they are awarded PA funding. VEM is the sole authority and main point of contact for Vermont's Public Assistance Program.

To help support VEM during this busy time, VLCT has created this FEMA Public Assistance program (PA) page.  Its purpose is to provide you with the most current guidance, tools, templates, forms, etc. from FEMA.  If your municipality has sustained damage from the July 2023 flooding known by FEMA as "Vermont Severe Storms and Flooding" (FEMA-4720-DR) and will seek PA funding, please bookmark this page.

Municipal Public Assistance Page


Information on Federal Public Assistance Eligibility for COVID-19

Applicants manual for federal grants

Frequently Asked Questions From Homeowners

Public Assistance Program Downloads

General Information

The FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Program provides federal disaster assistance to state and local government organizations for debris removal, emergency protective measures and the permanent restoration or replacement of public facilities that are owned and operated by an eligible Applicant. Assistance may also be provided to certain private non-profit organizations that provide services of a governmental nature open to all persons within the community.

The Vermont Emergency Management division of Public Safety (VEM) administers the Public Assistance Program as the grantee for the State of Vermont. Eligible organizations for the program are considered subgrantees. The program reimburses subgrantees for at least 75 percent of eligible costs that were a result of the disaster.

Upon a declaration of a major disaster or emergency by the President, applicant briefings are conducted by the VEM Public Assistance Program staff in the designated counties. These applicant briefings provide an overview of the program requirements and a hands-on session to complete the required application forms. To apply for assistance, each organization must submit a Request for Public Assistance in the FEMA Grants Portal within 30 days of the date of the presidential declaration.

To supplement Federal Public Assistance the State of Vermont has established an Emergency Relief and Assistance Fund (ERAF).  Please visit Flood Ready Vermont for more information about ERAF and the actions that your community can take to secure better post-disaster funding.