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Winter Safety Resources

As we head into winter it’s important for individuals to be are aware of safety resources that are available to the public. There are several public resources available that offer guidance and advice that help can Vermonters this time of year.

Vermont Alert:    
VTAlert information to go directly to Vermonters. Anyone can register for a free account at and choose what information they receive, including hazardous weather or road conditions.

National Weather Service: (Burlington) or (Albany) 
Having the latest forecast information certainly helps with travel plans. Vermont is served by two NWS offices; Albany officially serves Windham and Bennington Counties while Burlington officially serves the rest of Vermont. Both offices are also on Facebook and Twitter and well worth following.

Health advice and warnings:
This site addresses winter hazards and how to recognize signs of health emergencies like hypothermia and frostbite. It also advises on dressing for the elements, safe snow removal, and carbon monoxide risks related to home heating.

Road conditions:   
511 New England was redesigned over the summer to offer a more user-friendly experience. Road conditions, closures, construction zones, and other information is included. The VT Agency of Transportation also allows you answer the previously rhetorical question of where the snowplow is with its Plow Finder page: Note: these pages include state resources only, not local.

Vermont 2-1-1 is a partner who provides resources to callers who need information or services. During times of crisis VEM relays shelter and other emergency information to 2-1-1 so the public can find what they need with one phone call. Note: 2-1-1 does not replace 9-1-1, always call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

This page provides resources on emergency heating assistance and conservation.

And finally,

Social Media
Chances are good either you or several people you know get their information from Facebook or Twitter. How many people depends on things like internet access and cell service, so not everyone has that option. If you do have that option, some state and federal social media pages worth directing your neighbors to include:
VEM: and 
VT State Police: and 
VT Division of Fire Safety: and 
NWS Burlington: and 
NWS Albany: and 
VT Agency of Transportation: and 
VT Department of Health: and