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Local WebEOC Account

Cities and towns can use WebEOC to submit their Local Emergency Operations Plan, and to coordinate with the state during an emergency response. To receive a WebEOC account, individuals must:

Step 1: Be one of the 3 points of contact listed on your Local Emergency Management Plan or have your Emergency Management Director send an email to your VEM Regional Coordinator noting that you are authorized to have an account.

Step 2: Register for a Learning Management System (LMS) account. If you already have an account skip this step.

Step 3: Complete the WebEOC Local User Training. This 10-minute training is available anytime through the Learning Management System.

Step 4: Request a WebEOC Account.

For help with training, please contact Vermont Emergency Management's Training Administrator. For all other WebEOC technical help, contact the WebEOC Administrator.