Training FAQs

Q: How do I get training through Vermont Emergency Management?

A: Register for a Learning Management System (LMS) account to browse and register for training. Upcoming training opportunities are listed in the monthly VEM Newsletter.

Q: How does a Jurisdiction request an ICS or VEM Course?

A: All course request can be requested through the State Training Administrator

Q: Will I be notified immediately when I register for a course?

A: You should get a confirmation email from the LMS as soon as you request a class. For most VEM courses, you are automatically registered when you request a class session, but in some cases you may end up on a waitlist or, if you are a state employee, you may need supervisor approval.

Q: What is a SAA and STO?

A: The State Training Coordinator is the State Administrative Agency (SAA) Point of Contact (POC) and the State Training Officer (STO) for Vermont. The SAA may give approval to any training opportunities to the National Training Centers. The STO may approve the FEMA 119 application(s) for training opportunities supported by the Emergency Management Institute in Emmittsburg, Maryland.

Q: If I took ICS trainings in prior to 2015, how can I retrieve my certificates?

A: Prior to January 2015, all ICS trainings were conducted through the Vermont Police Academy. Please contact Gail Williams at Vermont Police Academy, or 802-483- 2731 or fax (802) 483-2343. For courses after January 2015, moving forward, please contact

Q: Can VEM provide me with a transcript of my completed courses?

A: Your LMS transcript should have all of your VEM trainings in Vermont since 2015 and may have some trainings from earlier. If courses were taken prior to January 2015, the student must contact Vermont Police Academy, or 802-483- 2731 or fax (802) 483-2343.

Q: Can VEM help identify personnel who need training in my jurisdiction?

A: It is the responsibility of a local Jurisdictions to identify personnel requiring training, appropriate levels of training and to maintain training records once training has been complete.

Q: What is the specific order in which I should take ICS courses?

A: Incident Command System courses should be taken in the following order:

  • ICS 402 – Incident Command for Executives
  • ICS 100 – Introduction to Incident Command System
  • ICS 200 – ICS for Single Resources & Initial Action Incidents
    • PREREQUISITE(S) ICS 100 – Introduction to the Incident Command System
  • ICS 300 –Intermediate ICS
    • PREREQUISITE(S) ICS 100 – Introduction to the Incident Command System and ICS 200 - ICS for Single Resources & Initial Action
  • ICS 400 – Advanced ICS
    • PREREQUISITE(S) ICS 100 – Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 200 - ICS for Single Resources & Initial Action and ICS 300 – Intermediate ICS

Q: I took an ICS class online, or before 2015, or in another jurisdiction - how do I get credit?

A: On the LMS, request the appropriate course equivalent (for example, ICS 100 Equivalent) and upload your certificate as external training. An administrator will grant you credit for ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, and IS 120, 130, 700, and 800. Details are in the LMS user guide for details.

Q: What are the National Training Centers?

A:  National Training Centers are located all over the United States, and provide free trainings to students.  Vermont has a limited number of seats at each training center per year.  If you would like to learn more, please visit the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium website or contact the State Training Administrator. 

Q: What are the requirements for attending training at a National Training Center?

A: Registration for training at a National Training Center will occur via paper application or online (training center dependent).  All applications will funnel to the State Training Administrator for approval.  All pre-requists and supervisor approval must be submitted with the application.


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