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EMPG20 Application FAQs

Should COVID-19-related activities be included in the EMPG-20 Application?

No. All COVID-19-related activities should be included in the EMPG-S Application

Is there a match requirement for EMPG?

Yes. EMPG has a 50% non-federal match requirement. This year we are asking for match to be defined more clearly in the applications (see match tab). This will help us reconcile match, and ensure that appropriate sources and activities are captured. The quarterly progress report template will be modfied accordingly to allow for reporting on match activities. 

Does an RPC have to apply for the full amount allocated to their region?

No. These allocations serve as maximum amounts for the region. An RPC could choose to apply for less based on their circumstances. 

What is an REMC?

REMC stands for Regional Emergency Management Committee. This is a transition year for this program. As the state moves forward with a statewide Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), the REMCs will be stood up as all-hazards planning committees that are regionally organized and locally controlled. More information wil develop throughout the year as the concept is fully fleshed out. RPCs will be an integral partner in this effort.