State Hazard Mitigation Plan (SHMP)

2018 State Hazard Mitigation Plan (SHMP) Update 

Our next working group meeting will be scheduled for June, 2018. Please contact Hazard Mitigation Planner Stephanie Smith for more information or to be added to our email list:

  • VISION: Vermont will be safe and resilient in the face of climate change and natural disasters.  
  • MISSION: To protect life, property, natural resources and quality of life in Vermont by reducing our vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters.  
    • Protect, restore and enhance Vermont’s natural resources to promote healthy, resilient ecosystems.  
    • Enhance the resilience of our built environment - our communities, infrastructure, buildings, and cultural assets. 
    • Develop and implement plans and policies that create resilient natural systems, built environments and communities. 
    • Create a common understanding of – and coordinated approach to – mitigation planning and action. 

Steering Committee

The State Hazard Mitigation Plan Steering Committee is responsible for the high-level decision-making and steering of the SHMP update process, including cross-sector coordination and guidance. 

Working Groups

Working Groups will meet throughout the plan update process to provide subject matter and technical expertise on mitigation challenges and needs, and develop mitigation strategies. 

Vermont's State Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies natural hazards that affect Vermont, assesses risk and vulnerability to these hazards, and identifies top priority mitigation actions at the State level to remove vulnerability and create a more resilient Vermont. The 2013 Vermont State Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved by FEMA on November 18, 2013.  

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