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State Emergency Operations Center Training

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) serves as the central point of coordination for state-level emergency management response and recovery activities.  Before filling a role in the SEOC, individuals must complete the following five training requirements:

  • WebEOC State User Training
  • IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System
  • SEOC Orientation
  • Partner Training/Section Training/Position Training (as applicable to their role)
  • IS-200 Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response

Step 1: Register for a Learning Management System (LMS) account. If you are a state employee or if you have an account skip this step.

Step 2: Complete the WebEOC State User Training. This training is available anytime.

Step 3: Request a WebEOC Account.

Step 4: Register for a Student FEMA Student ID (SID). If you have a FEMA SID skip this step.

Step 5: Take IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System. You must use your FEMA SID to take the test. If you have already completed IS-100 skip this step.

Step 6: Email your IS-100 certificate of completion and FEMA SID to

Step 7: Register for SEOC Orientation. This training is a live delivery, offered at least 4 times each year.

Step 8: Once SEOC Orientation is completed, register for and complete Partner Training/Section Training/Position Training. If you have any questions about which training to complete, please contact the VEM Planning Section Chief.

Step 9: Take IS-200 Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response

Step 10: Email your IS-200 certificate of completion to


Please email all certificates of competition associated with these SEOC training requirements completed prior to providing your FEMA SID to VEM to for these trainings to be added to your transcript in the LMS.

For help with training, please contact Vermont Emergency Management's Training Administrator. For WebEOC technical help, contact the WebEOC Administrator.