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Binary Blizzard Statewide Hybrid Tabletop Exercise

Purpose: The exercise follows up a functional exercise that occurred in March of 2023 called “Frosty Force.” The purpose of the exercise is to validate the state’s plans and participate with as many federal, state, and local municipalities as possible.

Scenario: A severe early-season winter storm impacts Vermont with heavy winds, feet of snow, and significant icing. At the same time, a series of phishing attempts grant a hacker organization entry into Green Mountain Power’s systems. They shut down the power grid south of Route 4, demanding a ransom.

Initial Planning Meeting, March 28, 2024:
-Meeting summary.
-Initial Planning Meeting slides.

Midterm Planning Meeting, June 26, 2024:
-Review planning updates
-Provide status updates on all key planning elements
-Address outstanding issues.

Final Planning Meeting, August 7, 2024:
-Review final details for the conduct, final drafts of training materials and logistical requirements.
-Ensure there are no major changes to the design or scope.
-Identify and resolve any outstanding issues.

For more information on the exercise, please contact State Exercise Administrator Julie Benedict at