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Weather Assistance for Large Outdoor Events

Outdoor events in Vermont are weather-dependent, and at times the weather can become hazardous for attendees. The National Weather Service (NWS) works closely with emergency managers and public safety officials to provide critical weather information when hazardous weather approaches an event for overall public safety.

Organizers and/or emergency managers for communities hosting these events should work together and establish an Emergency Action Plan prior to the event. During the event, closely monitor and act when an impending weather hazard threatens your event.

The National Weather Service can assist with weather information before and during outdoor activities. Contact NWS to report your large outdoor event, and forecasters can help with monitoring hazardous weather and general forecasts.

This requires local emergency managers to provide NWS Burlington with the following information at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Name of Venue
Location (Street Address, latitude/longitude if possible)
Approximate Attendance
Emergency Point of Contact and Phone #s (Local EM, First Responder Representative, or 911 Center)

You can find an online fillable Google form at In the end, the ultimate responsibility of keeping abreast of any weather hazards is with the venue organizers and/or local emergency management personnel.

The main weather hazards that will likely impact an outdoor venue with very little advance notice (minutes) would be thunderstorms and lightning. Other potential weather hazards include strong winds, potential flooding, and extreme heat.

The NWS has established several partnerships to increase public safety at various venues: the Franklin County Fair and Franklin County Emergency Management, the Champlain Valley Exposition and Essex Junction Emergency Services, and numerous venues along Burlington’s waterfront working with Burlington Emergency Services.

NOAA Weather All Hazard Radio is also a direct link to NWS offices, broadcasting life-saving weather warnings within seconds. Venue organizers, local first responders, and/or emergency management directors are also encouraged to have one of these radios on hand during events.

The NWS Burlington office can be reached at 1-802-863-4279.