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Public Notice: Hazard Mitigation Funding for Removal of Structures


Pursuant to Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) implementing regulations at Section 36 CFR Part 800 of the National Historic Preservation Act, FEMA hereby provides notice of its decision to provide Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Funding and Flood Mitigation Assistance Swift Current Program Funding for the demolition/removal of structures and associated outbuildings and facilities as well as the elevation of structures above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE). Work associated with both demolition and elevation projects may include minor ground disturbance; site preparation and restoration work; and the use of fill for minor grading and/or filling subsurface facilities. 

Section 106 of the NHPA requires FEMA to consider the effects of these demolition and elevation projects (known as “undertakings”) on any “historic” (or any property that is included in, or eligible for inclusion in, the National Register of Historic Places) and consider public views and comments on such projects before making final decisions and expending federal funds. For historic properties that will not be adversely affected by these undertakings, this will be the only public notice. FEMA, on the other hand, may provide additional public notices if a proposed FEMA undertaking would adversely affect a historic property.

Comments regarding these projects and potential impacts to historic properties should be submitted within 15 days of the date of this publication to:
Mary Shanks, Deputy Regional Environmental Officer
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Cambridge, MA