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How Can I Get Involved?

Some groups that can benefit from the CERT program are:

  • Community Groups - Homeowners, neighborhood watch groups, geographically distributed within a local area.
  • Business and Industry - Possible locations include office buildings, large hotels, and industrial complexes.
  • Local Government - Employees who are trained in CERT procedures can help their co-workers and then quickly respond to provide needed services to citizens during and after an emergency.

Who May Serve as a Member of CERT?

Any individual who desires to voluntarily serve his or her community in response to emergencies and disasters or as a member of a group or organization functioning in the public interest, may serve as a CERT member.  CERT members must adhere to the guidelines set forth by Vermont Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Private sector business and organizations may sponsor the CERT program for their employees, and may arrange for such training through their local Citizens Corp Council.

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