Working Groups

Working Groups met throughout the 2018 State Hazard Mitigation Plan update process to provide subject matter and technical expertise on mitigation challenges and needs, and develop mitigation actions. Working Groups were organized around the four goal areas: 

  • Environment & Natural Systems: 
    The Environment & Natural Systems group will focus on strengthening and protecting our State’s landscapes and ecological functions, as a way to reduce our vulnerability to hazards. Restoring river and floodplain functions, enhancing soil quality, curbing invasive species, building forest health, and conserving critical ecosystems are all essential actions that can help us reduce potential damage from climate change and many associated natural hazards. 
  • Planning & Policy: 
    The Planning & Policy group will focus on implementing or facilitating strong plans and policies that increase resilience and reduce our vulnerability to hazards. Actions include developing incentives or regulations that encourage local hazard mitigation plans, building model bylaws or plans to support local zoning and protections, incorporating resilience into town or regional plans, connections between local planning efforts, watershed or stormwater plans and more. 
  • Built Environment: 
    The  Built Environment group will focus on strengthening and protecting our State’s developed areas, structures, infrastructure and cultural/built assets, as a way to reduce our vulnerability to hazards. Actions include building flood- and hazard-resilient transportation infrastructure, resilient housing and village centers, strong utilities and telecommunications systems, and protections for historic and cultural resources. 
  • Education & Outreach: 
    The Education & Outreach group will focus on creating a common understanding of hazard mitigation at the state, local and regional levels, while increase coordination between stakeholders. 

June 15 Working Group Meeting: working groups met to discuss the State's capabilities and draft goals and objectives for the plan process. Following the meeting, additional feedback was solicited on the goals, objectives, and capabilities. 

August 22 Working Group Meeting: this meeting focused on the review of 2013 actions and the development of additional actions to meet each objective. 

December 13 Working Group Meeting: at this meeting, working group members met to develop implementation plans for the draft actions.

July State Hazard Mitigation Plan Draft Review & Action Kick-Off Meeting: this meeting launched working groups based on top priority actions identified in the 2018 SHMP. 

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