Vermont Emergency Management Annual Report

08 April 2019

I’m pleased to present the Vermont Emergency Management 2018 Annual Report. As you read through these pages, you will see 2018 was a time of positive change at VEM.

We are excited to have completed revisions of the State Emergency Management Plan and the State Hazard Mitigation Plan—both of which are updated every five years. These plans outline the state’s approach to disasters across all five Mission Areas of Prevention, Protection, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation to ensure readiness and resilience in the face of any disaster.

Several efforts in 2018 focused on providing more support to local emergency managers such as updates to the Local Emergency Management Plan, extensive expansion of school safety initiatives, and additional training and planning resources for local Emergency Management Directors/ Coordinators. The staff at VEM are engaged, proactive, and eager to help keep Vermonters safe in times of crisis.

These and many other accomplishments are outlined in the VEM annual report (January – December 2018). We look forward to continuing to support you and thank you for your service as we all achieve a “Fully Prepared and Resilient Vermont”.

Please reach out if you have any questions or comments on the document.

-Erica Bornemann, Vermont Emergency Management Director

Vermont Emergency Management Annual Report

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