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COVID-19 FEMA Public Assistance Facts

How do I apply for FEMA Public Assistance (PA)?

State agencies and municipalities not already in the Grants Portal must fill out this request for public assistance: and email to   Those already registered in the Grants Portal should log in, click the red banner at the top of their page to submit their RPA.

Critical Private Non-Profits (hospitals, police, and fire) should fill out the above RPA as well as submit the following:


•Request for Public Assistance Form

•FEIN Number

•DUNS Number

•State Tax Number

•Private Non-Profit Organization Certification Form

•Private Non-Profit Organization Questionnaire

•effective ruling letter from the Internal Revenue Service at the time of the disaster granting tax exemption under Sections 501(c), (d), or (e) of the Internal Revenue Code, or

•satisfactory evidence from the State that the organization is a non-revenue producing, nonprofit entity organized or doing business under State law

•Mission Statement/Brochure


What is Eligible for PA?

Eligible Emergency Protective Measures (Actions taken to save lives, protect public health and safety, and to protect improved property).

Proper Procurement of Materials/Contracts is required.

Insurance would be deducted first.

Examples for COVID-19 include:

Emergency Operations Center Operations (EOC, call centers overtime labor costs and food)

Emergency Medical Care overtime labor hours related to COVID

Medical Sheltering overtime labor, materials and equipment costs

Medical Supplies PPE

Provision of food, water, ice, medicine and other essential needs

Security and law enforcement overtime labor for temporary facilities

Communications of general health and safety information to public

What is NOT eligible from FEMA PA?

-Labor costs for employees sent home to work unless working overtime hours

-Hazard pay for employees is not eligible

-Childcare costs for essential employees

Here is a link to the Applicant Guide for Completing and Submitting a COVID-19 Project Application

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