VEM Public Assistance Contacts

Ben Rose, Recovery and Mitigation Section Chief,, 802-585-4719

Kimberly Canarecci, Public Assistance Officer,, 802-585-4209

Ron Pentkowski, Public Assistance Administrator,, 802-585-0142

COVID-19 Major Disaster Declaration

The Urgency and Importance of Applying for FEMA Public Assistance
What is eligible for FEMA reimbursement?

For COVID-19, FEMA funding is available for 100% of eligible costs. For all FEMA applicants, here is a list of cost categories which FEMA defines as Eligible Emergency Protective Measures (extracted from the FEMA Fact Sheet dated March 19, 2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Eligible Emergency Protective Measures), along with notes [bracketed] on which applicants are likely to incur those types of costs:

Management, control and reduction of immediate threats to public health and safety:

o Emergency Operation Center costs - [Public Safety, VDH, Local EOCs, Hospitals, State Agencies with staff who worked overtime in the SEOC

o Training specific to the declared event - [(State and Local law enforcement personel, including sheriffs), EMS at all levels, VDH, National Guard, AOT]

o Disinfection of eligible public facilities – [Local Jurisdictions (Town Offices), AOT-DMV, Judicial, ANR (State Parks)]

o Technical assistance to state, local governments on emergency management and control of immediate threats to public health and safety – [VDH, DMH]


Emergency medical care:

o Non‐deferrable medical treatment of infected persons in a shelter or temporary medical facility – [VDH, EMS, National Guard, Hospitals/Local Jurisdictions hosting]

o Related medical facility services and supplies – [VDH, EMS, National Guard, Hospitals hosting]

o Temporary medical facilities and/or enhanced medical/hospital capacity (for treatment when existing facilities are reasonably forecasted to become overloaded in the near term and cannot accommodate the patient load or to quarantine potentially infected persons) – [VDH, EMS, National Guard, Hospitals/Local Jurisdictions hosting]

o Use of specialized medical equipment – [VDH, EMS, National Guard, Hospitals hosting]

o Medical waste disposal – [VDH, EMS, NG, Hospitals hosting]

o Emergency medical transport – [EMS]


Medical sheltering (e.g. when existing facilities are reasonably forecasted to become overloaded in the near future and cannot accommodate needs):

o Non‐congregate medical sheltering is subject to prior approval by FEMA and is limited to that which is reasonable and necessary to address the public health needs of the event, is pursuant to the direction of appropriate public health officials and does not extend beyond the duration of the Public Health Emergency – [AHS]


Household pet sheltering and containment actions related to household pets in accordance with CDC Guidelines – [Local Jurisdictions]


Purchase and distribution of food, water, ice, medicine, and other consumable supplies, to include personal protective equipment and hazardous material suits – [AHS, VDH, EMS, Hospitals, Local Fire Departments]

PowerPoint Presentation for Applicants Briefing
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