History of the Vermont Communications Board

In September of 2004, Macro Corporation was contracted by the state of Vermont to evaluate the wireless communications needs for all Public Safety entities within the state. Macro was then tasked to design a Public Safety grade interoperable two-way radio and data system capable of meeting the needs identified. To efficiently manage a project of this magnitude, a diverse group of professionals was assembled with statewide representation of all stakeholders using both state owned and private radio systems. This committee, entitled the Communications Study Group (CSG), was tasked with developing a shared resource for all Public Safety participants. The total project was broken into five tasks. At the completion of each task, Macro was required to produce a report for review and comments by the CSG. The five tasks and the current status of each task are identified below:

  • Needs Assessment (Completed)
  • Technology Assessment (Completed)
  • New Systems Design (Completed)
  • Request for Budgetary Quotation (Completed)
  • Request for Proposals (Completed)

The results of the combined efforts identified three principal concerns for communications in Vermont. The prime concern was inadequate radio coverage, followed by channel congestion and lastly the ability to communicate with other members of Public Safety, or interoperability.

Steering Committee

Over the course of the summer of 2005 the CSG moved towards a more formal structure and was renamed Vermont Communications Board. As this committee grew, a Steering Committee was established to reside between the Vermont Communications Board and the newly developed sub-committees. In alignment with SAFECOM guidance, the Vermont Communications Board established three sub-committees as follows: an Institutional Committee, an Operational Committee (Dispatching) and lastly a Technical Committee. The Steering Committee provided global oversight of the project and ensured that the focus was on the desired outcome. The Steering Committee consisted of the sub-committee Chairs and the following members:

  • Paul Duquette – Vermont Communications Board Chair; Newport City Police Chief
  • Terry LaValley – Vermont Communications Board Co-Chair; Department of Public Safety Communications Program Manager
  • Lt Michael Manning – HSU Liaison; Vermont State Police, Homeland Security Unit (HSU)
  • Roger Marcoux – Vermont Communications Board Co-Chair; Lamoille County Sheriff

Institutional Committee

The Institutional Committee was chaired by Chief Doug Johnston (Springfield Police Department) and was responsible for developing organizational structure and governmental policy.

Operational Committee

The Operational Committee was chaired by Chief Ken Morton (Williston Fire Department) and was working on Standard Operating Procedures for both the new wireless system and eventually dispatching services.

Technical Committee

The third subcommittee was the Technical Committee chaired by Chief Al Barber (Vermont State Firefighter’s Association) and was responsible for selecting a technical, feasible and highly reliable Public Safety radio solution that meet the needs of the user community.

Vermont Communications Board

On June 5, 2006 the Vermont Communications Board was recognized through an Executive Order No. 02-06 by Governor James H. Douglas.  Vermont Communications Board Executive Order No. 02-12 supersedes and replaces this document.

Per the Vermont Communications Board Executive Order, the Board shall include members appointed by the Governor who represent

  • Volunteer Firefighters
  • The Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont
  • The Vermont State Firefighters Association
  • The Vermont Career Fire Chiefs’ Association
  • The Vermont Department of Health Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • The Vermont Ambulance Association
  • The E-911 Board
  • The Vermont State Police
  • The Vermont Sheriffs’ Association
  • The Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police
  • The Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife Law Enforcement Division
  • The Vermont Agency of Transportation
  • Vermont Emergency Management
  • The Vermont Division of Fire Safety
  • Vermont Criminal Justice Services
  • The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation
  • The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets
  • The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
  • The Vermont League of Cities and Towns
  • The Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development
  • The Vermont Department of Information and Innovation
  • A federal law enforcement agency
  • The American Red Cross
  • Appropriate private community organizations
  • A full-time member of the Vermont National Guard, as the Department of Defense liaison

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(800) 347-0488
(802) 244-8721
(888) 545-7598 (TTY)

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