Radiological Emergency Response Plan (RERP)

The Radiological Emergency Response Plan (RERP) Program is the section of DEMHS responsible for planning, training, and response to an incident at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station in Vernon, VT. The RERP program employs seven full time and two part time staff.

The Vermont Radiological Emergency Response Plan (RERP) Program is federally mandated (44 CFR §350) to provide reasonable assurance that the public health and safety of the citizens living around the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station are adequately protected in the event of a nuclear power station incident. The RERP Program provides guidance and procedures for state and local responders in the event of an accidental release of nuclear radiation. The RERP program also informs and educates the public about radiological emergency preparedness.

The RERP established Emergency Planning Zones (EPZs) that encompass the area surrounding Vermont Yankee, and plans have been created to ensure prompt and effective action is taken in these areas in the event of an incident. There are two types of EPZs: Plume Exposure Pathway Zone and Ingestion Exposure Pathway Zone. There are six towns in the Plume Exposure Pathway Zone: Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford, Halifax, Marlboro, and Vernon.

The RERP program meets its goals through six phases: planning, coordination, training, preparedness, resource allocation, and administration.


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Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Radiological Emergency Response Plan Briefing Book