Vermont Yankee Information


Every year Vermont Emergency Management Radiological Emergency Response Plan Program staff review, revise and submit to the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Corporation emergency planning information to be included in three or more publications which are distributed to the public who live in a ten mile radius of the power station in Vernon, Vermont. This information is included in a calendar for residents, a brochure for visitors to the area and a large poster for various facilities including campgrounds, boat launch areas, etc. 

We have produced the information included in the calendar for you to read or download from this website. We are aware that if this information were in one large file, that it would be a problem for persons with a dial up modem and normal phone lines. Therefore we have divided it into smaller pages, shown on the buttons to the left, to allow you to read or download it in manageable pieces. We have also provided you the opportunity to request this information in the formats listed below. 

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If you are a resident of Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford, Halifax, Marlboro or Vernon and did not get a copy of the calendar, please click on the word calendar below and fill out the request to be mailed a copy of the calendar. Please be sure to include the mailing address where we should send the information.

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