Emergency Alert System (EAS)


In circumstances where the public must be notified of an emergency, DEMHS maintains the statewide Emergency Alert System (EAS). The Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security utilizes the EAS structure to relay local emergency messages via broadcast stations, cable, and wireless cable systems.

Our EAS network equipment also directly monitors the National Weather Service for local weather and other emergency alerts, which local broadcast stations, cable systems, and other EAS participants rebroadcast, providing emergency messages to the public. Each month, DEMHS issues a required monthly test of the EAS network to ensure operational readiness. The EAS network is also one of the primary notification modes for the Vermont Amber Alert system.

If you have questions regarding Vermont’s EAS system, please call DEMHS at 1-800-347-0488.


2015 Monthly EAS test schedule

Below are survey forms broadcasters are asked to fill out following each required Monthly Test (RMT)  -


2015 EAS RMT Survey Form - PDF (3k)

2015 EAS RMT Survey Form - Word (25k)