Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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CERT ImageAs part of the President's Homeland Security plan, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) programs have been and continue to be formed in cities, towns, counties, and other localities across America. CERT operates under the Citizen Corps Council plan that brings together community first responders, firefighters, law enforcement, EMS, emergency managers, and the volunteer community to involve all citizens in emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, crime prevention, and emergency medical training.

The teams are made up of volunteers who are trained by CERT members. Vermont communities are frequently struck by a disaster or event that will effect its citizens in one way or another. These emergency events may be in the form of fires, vehicle accidents, severe storms, high winds, blizzards, floods, or "man made" disasters.

Many catastrophic events severely restrict and often overwhelm communications, transportation, utilities, and emergency response capabilities. In addition, they leave many individuals and neighborhoods cut off from essential and emergency services.  CERT members offer support to emergency services by performing smaller tasks like traffic control in order to allow all emergency responders to carry out critical functions.


CERT Mission

The mission of the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security CERT program is to work in partnership with the state and local public safety agencies and the community to produce a pool of citizens trained in disaster preparedness and response to provide leadership and coordination during an emergency and for immediate assistance to victims. DEMHS CERT members also assist with non-emergency projects to provide information and a safe environment for the communities within the State of Vermont.

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For more information on CERT teams please contact Bob Weinert at the Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security at 800-347-0488



CERT Team service areas follow the boundries of Local Emergency Planning Committees