Tips for Donating to and Volunteering for Hurricane Relief

30 August 2017

Hurricane Harvey has caused catastrophic damage to southeast Texas and many Vermonters are eager to assist the survivors. Vermont Emergency Management has compiled some resources and tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other sources on volunteering and donating responsibly in the wake of this devastating disaster:


  • Cash is the most efficient way to donate. Donations should be made to a known, reputable charitable organization. Be wary of scammers looking to profit from a dire situation. A list of organizations can be found below. Sending unsolicited goods is strongly discouraged.
  • Volunteers should affiliate with an organization. Self-deploying to the disaster area actually creates a strain on local officials recovering from the disaster. Volunteering with an organization ensures your time will be spent safely providing help. Volunteers and people traveling to disaster areas should always heed the safety precautions of local officials. Travel conditions in the impacted areas of Texas are still hazardous.


For help connecting to organizations who are actively helping survivors of Harvey, the following resources are provided below:



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