Local Emergency Operations Plan

Local Emergency Operations Plan


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Guidance for completing your Local Emergency Operations Plan (PDF


Base Plan (MS Word)(PDF)

Appendix A - Disaster Forms

A1 - Local Jurisdiction Request for Emergency Declaration (MS Word) (PDF)

A2 - Local Situation Report  (MS Word) (PDF)

A3 - ICS Forms (PDF)

Appendix B - Local Documents

B1 - List of Delegations of Authority (MS Word) (PDF)

B2 - Communications Plan (MS Word) (PDF)

B3 - Emergency Contact List (MS Word) (PDF)

B4 - Mutual Aid List (MS Word) (PDF)

B5 - Resource Lists (MS Word) (PDF)

B6 - Maps, Diagrams Plans and Attachments (MS Word) (PDF)

B6.1 - CPOD Profile Form (MS Word) (PDF)

Appendix C - References and Authorities

C1 - Emergency Relief and Assistance Fund Rule (PDF)

C2 - Vermont Stream Alteration Rule (PDF)

C3 - Minimum Grant Standards (PDF)

C4 - Vermont Statutes - Title 20, Chapter 1 (PDF)

C5 - National Incident Management System Executive Order (PDF)

Appendix D - Templates

D1 - Sample NIMS Adoption (MS Word) (PDF)

D2 - Mutual Aid Guideline for Police Departments (MS Word) (PDF)

D2 - Vermont MOU Template  (MS Word) (PDF)

D3 - Emergency Management Ordinance  (MS Word) (PDF)

D4 - Delegation of Authority  (MS Word) (PDF)