Local Emergency Operations Plan

Local Emergency Operations Plan

Local Emergency Operations Plans must be submitted to Regional Planning Commissions annually after town meeting day, but before May 1st.  Completion of the Base Plan is the only requirement - all appendices are optional.

In order to certify adoption of the LEOP, that individual must be trained in ICS 100 or 402.  ICS 100 is available online at:http://www.training.fema.gov/IS/NIMS.aspx  Classroom offerings for ICS 100 and ICS 402 can be found at: www.vtemergencytraining.org

March 6th update: A new appendix has been added!  "A Municipal Guide to Authorizing Instream Emergency Protective Measures In Accordance with Vermont Law" has been added to Appendix C2.

Guidance for completing your Local Emergency Operations Plan (PDF


Base Plan (MS Word)(PDF)


Appendix A - Disaster Forms

A1 - Local Jurisdiction Request for Emergency Declaration (MS Word) (PDF)

A2 - Local Situation Report  (MS Word) (PDF)

A3 - ICS Forms (PDF)

Appendix B - Local Documents

B1 - List of Delegations of Authority (MS Word) (PDF)

B2 - Communications Plan (MS Word) (PDF)

B3 - Emergency Contact List (MS Word) (PDF)

B4 - Mutual Aid List (MS Word) (PDF)

B5 - Resource Lists (MS Word) (PDF)

B6 - Maps, Diagrams Plans and Attachments (MS Word) (PDF)

Appendix C - References and Authorities

C1 - Emergency Relief and Assistance Fund Rule (PDF)

C2 - Vermont Stream Alteration Rule (PDF) and Guidance (PDF)

C3 - Minimum Grant Standards (PDF)

C4 - Vermont Statutes - Title 20, Chapter 1 (PDF)

C5 - National Incident Management System Executive Order (PDF)

Appendix D - Templates

D1 - Sample NIMS Adoption (MS Word) (PDF)

D2 - Mutual Aid Guideline for Police Departments (MS Word) (PDF)

D2 - Vermont MOU Template  (MS Word) (PDF)

D3 - Emergency Management Ordinance  (MS Word) (PDF)

D4 - Delegation of Authority  (MS Word) (PDF)