Emergency Operations Plan

The 2013 revision of the Vermont State Emergency Operations Plan is now available for viewing.

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Governor's Endorsement


Base Plan



SSF 1 - Transportation

SSF 2 - Communications

SSF 3 - Public Works and Engineering

SSF 4 - Firefighting

SSF 5 - Emergency Management, Recovery, and Mitigation

SSF 6 - Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing and Human Services

SSF 7 - Resource Support

SSF 8 - Health and Medical Services

SSF 9 - Search and Rescue

SSF 10 - Hazardous Materials

SSF 11 - Agriculture and Natural Resources

SSF 12 - Energy

SSF 13 - Law Enforcement

SSF 14 - Public Information


State Agency Annexes:

Agency of Administration

Agency of Agriculture

Agency of Commerce and Community Development

Agency of Education

Agency of Human Services

Agency of Natural Resources

Agency of Transportation

Elected Officials

Separate State Departments

Additional State Organizations

Volunteer Relief Organizations


Support Annexes:

Annex I - EMAC

Annex II - IEMAC

Annex III - State Hazard Mitigation Plan

Annex VI - Debris Management

Annex VII - Recovery

Annex VIII - Financial Management

Annex X - Logistics Management

Annex XI - Volunteers and Donations Management

Annex XII - State Rapid Assessment and Assistance Team

Annex XIII - Individual Assistance Management Plan

Annex XIV - Public Assistance Administrative Plan

Annex XV - Worker Health and Safety

Annex XVI - Training and Exercise

Annex XVII - Maps


Incident Annexes:

Highly Contagious Animal Disease

West Nile Virus

High Pathogenic AI in Wild Birds Surveillance & Response

Low Pathogenic AI Initial Response and Containment Plan

Catastrophic Incident

Cyber Incident

Drought Management

Food and Agriculture Incident

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Pandemic Influenza

Strategic National Stockpile Implementation Plan

Nuclear Radiological Incident

Radiological Emergency Response Plan

WMD/Terrorism Incident

WMD/Suspicious Threatening Substance

First Responder Guide to an Act of Terrorism

Terrorism Prevention and Response Guide

Explosive Device Incidents



Appendix I - Definitions

Appendix II - Acronyms

Appendix III - State Support Function Summary

Appendix IV - SSF Chart

Appendix V - NIMS Executive Order